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Adventure Destinations​ in India

Big Bucket list of 30 Adventure Destinations in India for Every Adrenaline Junkie

Bored with the monotony of city life? And desperately looking forward to breaking the monotone and going for a much-needed fun-filled adventurous trip? Then, here are briefs of 30 such adventure destinations in India that will provide you with the opportunity to partake in adrenaline-pumping activities like climbing craggy peaks, river rafting, paragliding, snorkelling, and trying out many other sporty activities that every intrepid travel junkies must include in their bucket list and experience once in their lifetime. 

India’s diverse geographical structure blessed the country with some of the most impressive and diverse destinations ideals for adventurous vacations that every intrepid travel junkie catering true adventurous spirit. 

Here is our Bucket list of 30 Adventure Destinations in India

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Adventure Destinations in India
Top 30 Adventure Destinations in india

Vicky Thakur

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1. Skiing in Kufri

Skiing in Kufri
Skiing in Kufri

Nestled at an altitude of 2622Km, Kufri is a beautiful hill station of Himachal Pradesh located around13 kilometres from Shimla, the state capital. Kufri has a beautiful landscape filled with lush environments and sloppy hills make it first choice of Adventure Destinations in India. During winter Kufri turns into the country’s winter sports hub, and the thick white carpet of snow covering the slopes turns Kurfi into a skiers paradise. So, thousands of ski enthusiasts from all over the world tend to visit Kufri during December and January to enjoy a vibrant and thrilling Skiing experience. Skilled Instructors and expert guides are readily available who will assist you to learn all the essential moves and skills required for effortless skiing even for beginners. Option of Heli-skiing is also at Mahsu ridge is at hight elevation that has best slopes for the experts.

  • Best Time: Mid-December to Mid-February,
  • Reaching Kufri: Kufri is about 13kms from Shimla, so once reached Shimla we can use cab services to reach the destination.
  • Duration:1 Hr 
  • Activity Timing: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Price: Starts at INR 3000

2. Bike Ride to Leh-Ladakh

Bike Ride to Leh Ladakh
Bike Ride to Leh Ladakh

One of the unquestionable destinations for every bike rider is Ladakh and it is most popular Adventure Destinations in India and across the world. This sparsely populated bejewelled crown of India has an enchanting landscape that is known for its windy terrains, canyon mountains along with

narrow challenging roads offering a high adrenaline rush to all the adventure seekers. It’s an almost 2-week-long enthralling expenditure, so the traveller gets plenty of time to appreciate the hallucinating cold deserted Himalayan

countryside along with the immaculate culture of Sonmarg, exploring the scintillating views of Pangong Tso Lake, historic Namgyal Tsemo Monastery, Magnetic Hill in Ladakh and many more.

  • Best Time: July-September
  • Maximum Altitude: 10,000 feet
  • Routes: Delhi To Leh via Srinagar(2295 Kms): Delhi – Jalandhar -Jammu – Srinagar-Kargil – Leh – Karu – Sarchu – Manali – Delhi
  • Delhi To Leh via Manali (2500 Kms): Delhi – Manali – Sarchu – Leh – Khardung La -Nubra Valley – Kargil -Srinagar – Delhi
  • Price: Many Travel & tourism or excursion companies and adventure groups offer tour packages. The packages ideally start from INR 25,000- 35,000 per person that includes meals, accommodation, and other services for making your trip memorable and effortless

3. Hampta Pass Trek

DAY-2 (Chika And Balu-ka-Gera)​
Hampta Pass Trek

Hampta Pass is a rare Himalayan pass in Himachal located in Pir Panjal Range is one of the best adventure destinations in India at a height of 14,000 feet. This amazing crossover trek stretches from the spellbinding green valley of Kullu to the arid mountains of Lahaul making it one of the most dramatic passes where the terrains vividly change drastically. Hampta Pass Trek has effectively reached the bucket list of many adventure seekers who are in love with mountains and are eager to carry out adventure activities within India. 

  • Best Time: July- August (Monsoon Treks) September-November (Autumn Treks)
  • Max Altitude:14100 Ft
  • Trek Distance:26 Km
  • Trek Duration:5-6 days 
  • Trek Route: Delhi – Manali – Jobra – Jwara – Balu ka Ghera – Shea Goru – Chhatru – Manali
  • Difficulty Level: Easy-Moderate
  • Price: Package prices differ by the days spent on the trek, generally an amount of INR 9000 is charged for a 5days/6nights.


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4. Chadar Frozen River Trek

Chadar Frozen River Trek
Chadar Frozen River Trek

Chadar trek is one of the magnificent winter treks in Ladakh in the Leh region. This astonishing trek happens during winters over the frozen Zanskar River. This trek is mostly about survival and persistence,
in the inhabitable region of harsh terrains at sub-zero temperatures. The Chadar Frozen River Trek is one of the longest and most difficult trekking trails that cover about 62 Km in a challenging Himalayan region that takes about 8 days. Chadar Trek over the years has gained immense popularity and become one
of the best adventure places in north India. This trek starts from Ladakh and then covers many iconic sights including Magnetic Hill, snowbound villages of the Zanskar valley, and the frozen Narek waterfall. This
jaw-dropping glamorous trek doesn’t fail to leave is life long-lasting imprints on one’s heart of exhilaration and satisfaction.

  • Best Time to Visit: January-February
  • Location: Ladakh, Zanskar River
  • Grade: Difficult, the high altitude of 11,400 ft
  • Price Start: The price of the package differs depending
  • Upon the Number of Days. Around INR 24,000 per person is charged for a package of 6N/7D which includes hotel rents and taxes. 
  • Temperature: 5 to -15 degrees (During days) and -15 to -25 (During nights)
  • Trek distance: 62 Km
  • Trek Duration: 8 Day
  • Reaching Destination: The easiest way to reach Leh is by air, and the nearest airport is located in Kushok Bakula Rimpochee which is well connected to major cities.

5. Paragliding in Bir Billing

Paragliding in Bir Billing
Paragliding in Bir Billing
Bir Billing is a popular adventure destination in India and is known for offering experiences like Paragliding. Located near Baijnath in Palampur District in Himachal Pradesh, Bir Billing is the second-highest
paragliding site after Chamonix (Europe). Bir Billing gained its popularity after it became the host of the paragliding world cup in the year 2015. Gliding over the clear sky of Dhauladhar mountains and lush green valley will certainly
offers a breath-taking experience that will stay alive in your heart for eternity.


  • Duration: 15-20 min
  • Activity timing: 9.00 am – 6.00 pm
  • Max Altitude: 8200ft
  • Price: INR 2500
  • Best Time: November-May

6. River Rafting in Rishikesh

River Rafting in Rishikesh
River Rafting in Rishikesh

Every year Rishikesh attracts more than thousands of Adrenaline seekers. Rishikesh is the perfect combination of people who are searching for adventure, nature and spirituality. River Ganges flow across Rishikesh with many rapids grading from I-V offering Rishikesh some of the most vibrant river rafting sections making it the river-rafting capital of India. This exhilarating adventure sport is not everyone’s cup of tea, bouncing over the rapids on an inflating raft amidst a breathtaking view of the Himalayan Range will certainly give you goosebumps filled with excitement.

  • River rafting Section & Distance: 
    Brahmpuri – Rishikesh (Rapid grade: I-II, Distance: 9Km, Time: 1Hr)
    Marine Drive – Shivpuri (Rapid grade: I-II, Distance:10 Km,Time: 1.5 Hrs)
    Shivpuri – Rishikesh (Rapid grade: I-III+, Distance:16 Km, Time: 2 Hrs)
    Marine Drive – Rishikesh (Rapid grade: I-IV, Distance: 25 Km, Time: 4-5Hrs)
    Kaudiyala – Rishikesh (Rapid grade: I-V, Distance: 36 Km, Time: 5-6 Hrs)
  • Price: Starts at INR 600
  • Best Time- February-June and September- November (Post monsoon)

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7. Scuba Diving in Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Scuba Diving in Andaman & Nicobar Islands
Scuba Diving in Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Scuba Diving holds the place to be one of the most fascinating water activities. Andaman has an untouched underwater world that includes the densest ecosystems of coral reefs, seabed gardens populated with vibrant fishes and other marine creatures saved under the protection of the Andaman Administration. The low water current and clear water allow divers to dive safely and explore the magical world underneath offering a completely memorable and unique experience. Andaman Nicobar Islands is one of adventurous places in India.

A place for Scuba Diving in Andaman:

  • Lighthouse
  • Havelock Island
  • North Bay Island
  • Barracuda City
  • Mac Point 
  • Price: The price depends on the duration, generally for 30-45 minutes cost is between INR 2000-3500.
  • Best Time: October- May (avoid monsoon)
  • Time: Morning 8 A.M-1:00 P.M and afternoon 3 P.M -4:30 

8. Caving in Meghalaya

Caving in Meghalaya
Caving in Meghalaya

Even though Caving doesn’t fall under the category of prominent adventurous activities but this particular peculiar adventure involves discovering caves. Meghalaya located in the northeastern part of the country is a paradise for the nature lover. Meghalaya along with its verdant landscape, salubrious weather and spectacular waterfall has some of the oldest and deepest caves that attract tourists from around the world. Caves are often regarded as walk-through time, once enter tourists tend to lose track of time while exploring the mind-blogging system of caves through thin passages and messy grounds bestowing the real untouched sense of nature. don’t miss to explore meghalaya, one of best Adventure Destinations in India

  • Some prominent caves: Krem Mawjymbuin, Krem Mawkhydrop, Krem Lymput, Krem Dam
  • Best time to visit: December-March (winter)
  • Timings: 7am-4pm
  • Price: Free

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9. Ranthambore National Park Safari

Ranthambore National Park Safari
Ranthambore National Park Safari

Located in southeastern Rajasthan in the Sarai Madhopur District, Ranthambore National Park is regarded as one of the renowned and biggest national parks in India. Ranthambore National Park situated 130 km from Jaipur was the former hunting ground for the then Jaipur’s Royal family till 1955. Currently, Ranthambore National Park is covering an area of 392-square-km area and is a well-known land reserve for Tigers. The Jungle safari of Ranthambore National Park is a famous adventure tour in India for tiger-spotting among tourists and is included in the world heritage site.

  • Best Time to Visit: Ranthambore Park Safari remains open for around the year except for the monsoon from the starting of July till September. 
  • Safari timings: 
    1.Winter Months (Oct-Feb): 7 Am – 10 Am & 2.30 Pm – 6 Pm
    2. Summer Months (March-June): 6 Am -9.30 Am & 2.30 Pm – 7 Pm
  • Charges for Safari:
    Jeep INR 1700 per person
    Canter INR 1200 per person

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10. Sand Dune Camping & Safari in Jaisalmer

Sand Dune Camping & Safari in Jaisalmer
Sand Dune Camping & Safari in Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer is a city that glitters from dusk to dawn, simplicity of the Thar Desert attracts tourists from all over the globe. The warm Hospitality of the Locals and the unique geography of the place especially its dunes have helped it to stand out as a popular adventure trip in India. Sam is a small village located 40 km from Jaisalmer is a true delight among the tourists for its infamous Sand Dune both for camping and desert safari. 

This dune is popular for

  • Popular sand dune: 
  • Khuri sand Dune
  • Sam sand dunes
  • Lodhruva sand dunes


  • Sam Sand Dunes Jaisalmer Entry Fee is free.
  • Camel Safari is around INR 200 per person.
  • Jeep Safari is around INR 500-1500 per person

Best Time: December-March, but February is considered to be the best time as the 3-day Jaisalmer Desert Festival is organized making the place alive with cultural programs and wholesome adventurous activities.

11. Mysore Skydiving

Mysore Skydiving
Mysore Skydiving

In recent years, the hype for Skydiving has gained has increased among youth. Free-falling from a plane at a height of 10,000 above ground is a pure indication of the high rush of adrenaline amidst pleasure, pressure and adventure. Skydiving is the fastest non-motorised sport, where the body falls at the speed of 220 mph on the face of the earth. Skydiving in Mysore known as best adventure places in India offers you with best trained and experienced instructors who will surely help u to get a birds-eye view of the beautiful land. 


  • Price: Per person cost for the entire experience is around INR 35,000 including taxes. 
  • Time Required:2 Hrs of Training, 45-50 min of flight to reach a height of 10,000-12,000 ft

12. Rock Climbing in Satpura

Rock Climbing in Satpura
Rock Climbing in Satpura

The majestic mountain terrains of the Satpura mountain ranges of Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve attracts rock climbing enthusiasts from entire India making it an important adventure destination. The only goal
of this adventure sport is to reach the endpoint to the summit through a pre-defined route with an injury or falling. 

  • How to Reach: Panchmarhi can be reached either from Nagpur or Bhopal directly by Bus or cab services. 
  • Prices: Satpura Mountain climbing Packages start at around IND 9000.

13. Camping in Coorg

Camping in Coorg
Camping in Coorg

Coorg district of Karnataka is a tranquil tourist destination in India. It is famous for its coffee plantation, exotic animals, beautiful trekking trails and breathtaking camping spots. One can explore different nearby sites during camping in Coorg such as Abbey Falls, Madikeri Fort, Mandalpatti, Madikeri falls etc. And winter seasons are the best to enjoy Coorg’s serenity and enjoy various adventures activities like zip-lining, jeep safari, trekking, river rafting and hiking.

  • Best Time: Winter Months, October- February
  • Price: INR 1000-2500
  • Best Camping Spots: Kushalnagar, Dubare Elephant Camp, Madikeri, Wild Monsoon Adventure Series.
  • How to Reach: It is quite feasible to reach Croog, as its distance from Bangalore is 225 Km, 118 km from Mysore, and 139 Km from Mangalore. The nearest railhead for Croog is Mysore while Mangalore is the nearest airport to reach Coorg. So, from these places, one can hire a cab, taxis or can even consider taking state transport buses.

14. Dudhsagar Trek

Dudhsagar Trek
Dudhsagar Trek

One of the famous trekking adventure destinations in India and foreign tourists is Dudhsagar Trek in Goa. It is a 5-6 hrs walk. Dudhsagar waterfall offers a zenith jaw-dropping view that has a height of 1017ft. The
untamed forest and lusty Nature along with the sparkling pearl white water attracts the trekker giving them an enthralling trekking experience. 

  • Best time: Trekkers eagerly wait for Monsoon, July to December is considered best for Dudhsagar.
  • Price: On hiring Jeep to reach the fall an amount of INR 1200
  • Location: Sanguem Taluka of Goa.
  • How to Reach:  The most comfortable way to reach the treks from Mumbai to Pune is through Kulem Railway station.

A convenient way to reach Dudhsagar from Bangalore is via Castlerock railway station.

15. Chadar Trek in Ladakh

Chadar Trek in Ladakh
Chadar Trek in Ladakh

Chadar Trek got its name from the thick ice layer over the Zanskar River, it is one of the famous adventurous high-altitude trekking trails among trekkers. Breathtaking view of snow-capped mountains along with exhilarating frozen river makes the treks do before you die adventure destination.

  • Best Time: April to June and Mid-September to mid-October
  • Trekking Distance: 105 km 
  • Price: Depending upon on Trip Duration and packages offered the price of the Trekking differs, usually the trek cost around INR 16000 (approx.) per person.
  • Temperature: -15°C to -30 °C.
  • Location: The starting point of the Trek is Chilling village where the river water starts to freeze.
  • Duration: It takes about 8-9 days.
  • How to Reach: Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport (IXL) located near Leh is the easiest way to reach Ladakh.

16. Paragliding in Munnar

Paragliding in Munnar
Paragliding in Munnar

Flying above the Rocky Mountains and eye-pleasing green meadows of Munnar the beautiful hill station of Kerala will certainly add new heights to your adventurous life. Challenger and Bravehearts tend to unleash the adventurous spirit in Outdoor activities. No wonder, Munnar has recently had turn out to be one of the most visited adventure destinations in India.

  • Best Time: Dry Season weather (Winter and Summer months
  • Price: INR 3,250 (per person)
  • Duration: Approximately 15-20 mins.
  • Timing:10 AM-4 PM 
  • How to Reach: Cochin International Airport located 108 km away takes around 3 hours to reach Munnar is the nearest airport. The nearest railway station to reach Munnar is Ernakulam Junction, which is around 125 km from Munnar.

17. Kayaking and Canoeing in Dandeli

10 Tips for Safe and Enjoyable River Rafting
Kayaking and Canoeing in Dandeli

Kayaking in Dandeli, Karnataka is done in the Kali River because of the best possible rapid that is needed to learn or enjoy Kayaking. Kayaking in Dandeli is regarded as the most loved adventurous sport of the
destination, which offers you a stunning view and a chance to explore the biodiversity of the location along the river. Presently, Dandeli has become the most visited destination in Karnataka among tourists wanting to experience
trialling and adventure destinations in India

  • Best Time: October to January.
  • Price: INR 300 per person
  • Location: Near Ganeshgudi
  • Distance: 26 Kms 
  • Trip Duration: 2-3 Hrs
  • Timing: 9 am to 6 pm
  • How to Reach: Dandeli has well-connected roads with major cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru, Belgaum, Goa etc. The nearest railhead that one can come to is Alnavar which is located 35 Km away from our destination. And for the one who loves to travel by air, the nearest airport is at Belgaum or one can also choose Bengaluru or Goa.

18. Banana Boat Ride in Gokarna

Banana Boat Ride in Gokarna
Banana Boat Ride in Gokarna

Banana Boat Ride is one of the adventurous water sports that tourists in Gokarna can enjoy in the water of the Arabian sea. Lashing against the white wave the banana boat is tied and towed by a speed boat ride making
the voyage filled with excitement and fun. To make the voyage much more interesting the rider often tends to flip the banana boat upside down surprisingly flip dropping the passenger in the middle of blue water thus it
becomes quite compulsory to wear a life jacket as a safety measure.

  • Best Time: January-February and October to December
  • Price: INR 600
  • Duration: 15 min-20 min
  • How to Reach: Gokarna can be reached easily through bus, train and flight.

19. Trekking in Valley of Flowers with Hemkund Sahib

Trekking in Valley of Flowers with Hemkund Sahib
Trekking in Valley of Flowers with Hemkund Sahib

The Valley of Flowers is a privileged UNESCO World Heritage site famous for its monsoon Himalayan trekking expedition. Located at a height of 3600m above sea level this prevalent trek attracts tourists globally with its
breathtaking view and rich biodiversity

  • Trekking Distance:47 Km
  • Start & End Points: Haridwar
  • Best Time: Mid-June to mid-September
  • Trekk Max Altitude: 14,400 ft
  • Price: INR 14000 per person (6 days trek)
  • Location: Uttarakhand
  • How to Reach: Dehradun’s Jolly Grant Airport is the nearest airport to reach Haridwar. The airport is connected to major Indian cities. Frequent trains visit Haridwar through Haridwar Junction Railway Station from Dehradun and Delhi. Additionally, Haridwar is well connected to major towns and cities with a good road network.

20. Bungee Jumping in Rishikesh

Bungee Jumping in Rishikesh
Bungee Jumping in Rishikesh

Rishikesh is an adventure destinations in India known to be the country’s Adventure Capital, bungee jumping is also included in its enthralling adventure sports lists offered to tourists or adventure-seekers.. Jumping off from a height cliff is
enough to give goosebumps, and a similar kind of thrill and adventurous effects Bungee Jumping aims to bring in your life safe under the guidance of experienced professionals. So, every adventure freak visiting Rishikesh is
suggested to try Bungee Jumping. 

  • Best Time: Bungee jumping can be done anytime in Rishikesh between January to mid-July and September-January. However, the best time for performing this stunt is during winter with a picturesque view and the tourists should avoid the monsoon months.
  • Sports Timing: Everyday 9.00 am- 3.30 pm (except for Tuesday)
  • Price: INR 3500 (approx.) per person.
  • Location: Mohan Chatti village located 17Km serves as to be the best bungee Jumping spot in Rishikesh with a jumping height of 83 meters.
  • How to Reach: One can reach the location for Bungee jumping Mohan Chatti by driving their car or hiring a taxi.

21. Trout Fishing in Pahalgam

Trout Fishing in Pahalgam
Trout Fishing in Pahalgam

Trout Fishing in River Lidder is one of the most loved activities among tourists visiting Pahalgam. Pahalgam located 100KM away from Srinagar is a paradise for anglers with its rich population of brown and rainbow trout fishes. High altitude lakes and turbulent streams of crystal-clear icy cold water make it a sport fisheries sports filled with

  • Permits/Licence: Fishing and Angling are not allowed without a prior permit. And the licence is valid for just a day with a permit to catch only 6 touts. 
  • Best Time: May and September
  • Price: INR 1000 (for local anglers) and INR 2000 (foreign)
  • How to Reach: The nearest airport is at Srinagar located 100km away from Pahalgam. The nearest railhead is Udhampur railway station which is also around 220 Km away. The best option is to reach Pahalgam by taxi or bus as it is well connected to its major cities like Jammu and Srinagar.

22. Jeep Safari in Kutch, Gujarat

Jeep Safari in Kutch, Gujarat
Jeep Safari in Kutch, Gujarat

Vast Salt Plains of Rann of Kutch, Gujarat is one of the flattest surfaces in the world. Riding the marshlands and gigantic harsh desert of Kutch can be explored best via early morning or evening Jeep safari. This
largest salt desert is one of the most adventurous destinations in India among tourists searching for peace and beauty. In winters, Kutch is popular for its wildlife safari in the Wild Ass Sanctuary

  • Best Time: October to March, the rainy season is the best time for the bird watcher.
  • Safari Timing: 
    1. 7 am to 10 am
    2. 4 pm to 7pm
  • Duration: 3-4 Hrs
  • Price: starts at INR 1000 per person (approx.) 
  • How to Reach: Dhrangadhara is the closest railway station and has good connectivity with Delhi and Mumbai. One can also choose the Viramgam railway station located at a distance of 45 km from the destination. At 110 km Ahmedabad Airport is located that is the nearest airport to Rann of Kutch Wildlife Sanctuary. One can opt road trip from Ahmedabad (110km), Bhuj (268 Km) or Rajkot (175 km

23. Trekking in Sikkim

Trekking in Sikkim
Trekking in Sikkim

Sikkim located under the shadows of portentous Himalaya offers some exceptional trekking trails. Thus, it is considered one of the rejuvenating trekking and Adventure destinations in India among hillside lovers globally,
Trekkers prefer to go solo hiking allowing them to enjoy nature and relax. Sikkim is home to numerous trekking trails like Darap Village, Ravangla-Maenam Hill, Hillay-Varsey and Damthang-Tendong are some of the most famous and interesting adrenaline-pumping expedition experiences. 

  • Best Time: March-May and September-November
  • Price: Depending upon days and itinerary price of the package may vary starting from INR14,000 to INR 60,000 per person. 
  • How to Reach: All three transportation modes are available for travelling to Sikkim. However, the fastest mode to reach Sikkim is by taking a flight to Bagdogra Airport which is the nearest airport to Gangtok located 125 Km away. Sikkim also does not have a major railhead of its own, but one can take a train to Jalpaiguri if planning to take a train. National Highway 31 A connects Gangtok to West Bengal and another part of the country as well. Busses and local taxi services are readily available for commutation. 

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24. Bamboo Rafting in Thekkady

Bamboo Rafting in Thekkady
Bamboo Rafting in Thekkady

Relish a unique voyage of crossing Periyar lake through implicit Bamboo rafting. Explore a panoramic view of Periyar Tiger Reserve and the beauty of the backwater. The overall time of this adventure ride is around 3 hrs which offers opportunities for nature lovers and photo enthusiasts a great view of untamed nature at its best. 

  • Best Time: September-March
  • Timing of Bamboo Rafting:
  • Duration: 3-4 hours of trekking and 1 hour of Bamboo rafting
  • Price: Starts at INR 1800 per person
  • How to Reach: Kottayam located 114 Km from Thekkady is the nearest railway station to reach the destination. The Madurai Airport, Tamilnadu which is about 136 km from Thekkady is the nearest airport to reach the destination. 

25. Waterfall Rappelling in Shillong

Waterfall Rappelling in Shillong
Waterfall Rappelling in Shillong

Elephant falls located about 12 Km from Shillong is one of the greatest adventure destinations in India. Elephant fall combines three torrents forming one big and strong 40 ft long stream flowing over fern-covered rocks offering the opportunity of waterfall rappelling. Waterfall Rappelling this fall is one of its kind and is among the popular sporty activities to do with a friend during winter. Tourists are fascinated by the unique water rappelling opportunity in this location integrated with scenic view and adrenaline rush. 

  • Best Time: January-April
  • Timing: 10am -5pm
  • Price: INR 300
  • Location: Elephant Falls, Upper Shillong, Meghalaya.
  • How to Reach: Nearest Airport and railway head to reach Tourists can reach Shillong is at Guwahati. From there you can either take a cab or bus to reach Shillong and thereby waterfall.

26. Mountain Cycling Expedition in Manali-Leh-Khardung La route

Mountain Cycling Expedition in Manali-Leh-Khardung La route
Mountain Cycling Expedition in Manali-Leh-Khardung La route

Mountain Cycling Expedition in Khardung La is one of the challenging, scenic and popular biking routes that every cyclist dreams of. Unmatchable topography and formidable mountain pass along with the highest motorable road at Khardung La make this tour a spectacularly wholesome and toughest Cycling Expedition trail in India for a much-needed adrenaline rush. 

  • Duration: 11 days (at least)
  • Distance Covered: 500km (40km per day)
  • Best Time: June-August
  • Price: starts at Rs 35,000/- Per Person
  • Difficulty Level: High (Pro Riders)
  • Maximum Altitude:17582 feet. 
  • How to Reach: Cycling starts at Manali, so tourists need to reach Manali. One can take an overnight bus or cab to reach Manali from Chandighar or Delhi. Flight till Bhuntar Airport is also an option but not recommended. Pathankot railway station located 300 Km away is the best option if tourists opt to travel by train and from their busses and cabs to Manali are readily available.

27. Trekking in Ananthagiri, Telangana

Trekking in Ananthagiri, Telangana
Trekking in Ananthagiri, Telangana

Ananthagiri located in Vikarabad, Ranga Reddy District, Telangana is known for its scenic beauty and terrain of dense forest. Ananthagiri Hills has many tourist attractions points like Nagasamudram Lake and Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple. However, it is famous for adventurous activities such as trekking and adventure lover. The trip is more about enduring yourself amidst nature and its challenging trails. 

  • Best Time: November – March
  • Difficulty level: Beginner
  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Price: INR 500
  • Location: Vikarabad District, Telangana.
  • How to Reach: Vikarabad railhead is nearest to Ananthagiri Hills located around 6-7 km from the destination. State Highway 4 (SH4) directly connects Vikarabad and Hyderabad which takes around 2-3 hours by road. By Airways, Ananthagiri Hills can be reached by Rajiv Gandhi International Airport of Hyderabad located 100Km away.

28. Hot Air Ballooning Safari, Lonavala

Hot Air Ballooning Safari, Lonavala
Hot Air Ballooning Safari, Lonavala

Lonavala is a beautiful and pleasant hill town located in the western Ghat of Maharastra. Lonavala is an ideal romantic destination as well as an adventure destination in India. Hot air ballooning is an experience of a lifetime with the sight of picturesque Sahayadri Mountains, beautiful waterfalls and lush greenery in recent years this safari has gained popularity among adventure enthusiasts  

  • Best Time: October-April
  • Timing: Two hours before dawn and dusk.
  • Duration:30-60minutes 
  • Height: 1200 ft
  • Price: INR 12,000 per person
  • How to Reach: Lohegaon Airport, Pune is the nearest Airport to Lonavala. Another option is Mumbai’s International Airport. Lonavala is connected to Pune and Mumbai via Mumbai Pune Expressway and NH4 (old Mumbai-Pune Road), state and private busses and taxis can be opted to reach Lonavala effortlessly. Lonavala also has its own railhead, many passenger trains, Intercity expire and mail connects Lonavala with neighbouring cities like Pune and Mumbai.

29. Rock Climbing in Shey

Rock Climbing in Shey
Rock Climbing in Shey

Shey Rock region is best for rock climbing and can be regarded as a mountaineer’s delight. Different rock formation makes the entire terrain unique and best for rock climbing both for amateur and expert climbers with more than 20 bottled routes. The Hiram Crack is famous among travellers as the best place at Shey rock for rock climbing. 

  • Max. Height: 11,000 ft
  • Best Time: April-June & Sept-Nov.
  • Difficult: Medium-High
  • How to Reach: By road Shey can be reached from Leh via two different routes one by Srinagar-Leh via Kargil and the other by Manali-Leh highway via Sarchu and Dharchu. Buses and taxis are readily available. The closest railhead to Shey is Kalka, and travellers can hire taxis or buses to reach Manali and then Leh. Located 15 Km away from Shey, Leh is the nearest airport that tourists can opt for. 

30. Giant Swing in Rishikesh

Giant Swing in Rishikesh
Giant Swing in Rishikesh

Rishikesh is a popularly known adventure destinations in India. The Giant Swing is more or less like a pendulum challenging your guts from a breathing height of 83 m at a Mohan Chatti to satisfy your need for the adrenaline rush. The swing ride among lush valleys of Rishikesh and Ganga flowing beneath, beautiful weather and clear weather makes it an exhilarating adventure of one’s lifetime.  

  • Location: Mohanchatti, Jumping Site
  • Price: INR 3550 per person
  • Timing: 10 AM-5PM 
  • Duration: 30 Mins
  • Location: Mohan Chatti village located 17Km serves as to be the best bungee Jumping spot in Rishikesh with a jumping height of 83meters.
  • How to Reach: One can reach the location for Bungee jumping Mohan Chatti by driving their car or hiring a taxi. 


Diversity in Adventure destinations in India mentioned above matches the needs and interests of every traveler. So next time you plan a trip, pick any of these destinations for an enthralling experience and make memories of a lifetime. And don’t forget to share your experience in the comments.


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