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Beas Kund

All you Need to Know About Beas Kund Trek in 2023

Beas Kund trekking is one of the easiest and one of the shortest treks in Manali. The total Beas Kund trek distance is abundant with natural splendor all over which is beyond comparison and away from the hustle & bustle and chaos of Manali. 

And believe us, when we say- that this will be the best experience you can have because more than 97% of the people have said that their whole experience is memorable and worth it.

Discover the raw beauty of the valley, which is simply the best. Witness the scenic views of the Pir Panjal range along with other mesmerizing peaks from Beas Kund’s height. 

Below are some of the highlights so take a closer look at the other highlights of Beas Kund Trek.

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Hampta Pass Trek
  • The trek presents many eye-catching sites that will be the best zone for photographers and give you some beautiful picturesque photos. Relief your mind and soul and breath in the beauty of the most stunning spots it offers. 
  • The view of enchanting and alluring Hanuman Tibba, Indrasan (one of the highest peaks of the Dhauladhar range), and Deo Tibba peaks. 
  • Enjoy the serenity and simplicity of Solang Nallah and the serene Manu temple and hence enjoy the trekking experience provided to you with an opportunity to feel a spiritual connection as well. 
  • The locals here are very amicable and helpful by nature. You can easily search in local markets to buy local goodies found exclusively in that area. 
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1. Trekking Along Alpine Glacial Lake

What can be more exciting and adventurous than trekking along a high-altitude alpine glacial lake? In the Beas Kund trek itinerary, witness the beautiful and eye-catching source of the Beas River with your own eyes- Beas Kund Lake.

2. Stunning Views of some Amazing Peaks

Witness the mesmerizing sight of the 3 highest mountains of Manali– Hanuman Tibba, Friendship Peak, and, Deo Tibba Peak. The trek is also accompanied and done by the adjacent peaks of the Pir Panjal Range and the Dhauladhar Range.

3. Travel through Vast and Lush Green Meadows

Although glaciers and the beautiful lakes are the USP of Beas Kund trekking, the vast open lush grass fields simply add more charm and beauty to this spectacular trek. This endless beautiful greenery also has some narrow lanes of the Beas Kund River. Give it a sparkling touch!

4. Witness Solang Nullah and the Manu Temple

Solang Nullah in the Solang Valley is the most picturesque place on the earth. A place where nature exists in its purest and most beautiful form. Pay some respect to the famous temple of Sage Manu. The divine creator of the whole human race as per the Hindu mythology.

5. Witness and Explore Remote Himachali Lifestyle

The trek route to Beas Kund crosses many ups and downs and hilltop villages of Himachal. The best opportunity to explore and learn the minimal and grounded lifestyle with limited resources. Discover their hospitality, heritage, and handicrafts which is truly fascinating BTW!

6. Enjoy Riverside Camping Under the Stars

Campsites are another amazing and the most valid reason that makes Beas Kund Trek spectacular and worth going to. Spend a fun night resting beside the gushing water stars beneath us on the Beas River. Meanwhile, take a glance at the experience of stargazing before you go to sleep in our comfortable tents.

7. Excellent for All the First-Time Hikers

While talking about the Beas Kund trek difficulty level, it is an easy to moderate trek. Anyone with a fit physique and good health is capable of doing this trek. Besides, you reach the highest point at beas kund altitude of more than 12,000 ft.; in just 4 days and 3 nights. Making it a more popular trek among tourists and one of the best treks in Himachal.
Lastly, witness the beauty of the Beas Kund Trek that will make you feel like you are in a wonderland and a moment of self-realization. The trek is best visited from April to October.


Always plan your Beas Kund Trek during the post-monsoon or summer season and experience the snowy charm of Kashmir Valley in Himachal. 

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