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Andharban Trek

Exploring the Enchanting Andharban Trek: A Journey through Nature's Paradise

How about a getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life? Embark on one of the most refreshing treks in the Sahyadri region with an Andharban Jungle trek! If you want a breathtaking experience combining nature exploration and adventure, head to the Andharban Jungle Trek. This trek through the forests of the Sahyadri region will take your breath away with its stunning flora and fauna. From dark forests to gleaming hills, this is an experience that you won’t soon forget! 

This article gives you a complete overview of the gorgeous jungle, mesmerizing scenery, and other amazing features that make this trek unforgettable.

About Andharban Trek

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Andharban trek
Andharban Trek

Located at around 2,100 feet, the Andharban Trek is a three-day moderate-level trek. The highlight of this trek is the dense forest cover, which stretches over a vast area of 13 kilometres, making it one of the longest forest treks in the country. Andharban means ‘dark forest’ in Marathi, and the trek certainly lives up to its name. The trek also offers stunning views of the Tamhini Ghat and the Kundalika valley.


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Trek details

The Andharban Jungle Trek is a wonderful and one of the most popular trails in the Sahyadris near Mumbai. It is a downhill trek with lush green forests throughout the entire hike.

Andharban trek start point

The Andharban Jungle Trek starts from the small village called Pimpri, located in Tamhini Ghat, around 2 hours drive from Pune and 4 hours from Mumbai.

Andharban trek route

The trek is around 13 kilometres long and takes 5 to 6 hours. The route is quite challenging, with steep descents and climbs. The trail passes through dense forests, narrow pathways, rocky terrain, and water streams.

The first part of the trek involves descending the valley through a dense forest. The trail is quite slippery and requires a lot of caution. The forest is known for its beautiful flora and fauna, including various birds, butterflies, and wildflowers. After descending for around 4 to 5 kilometres, the trail reaches a beautiful Bhivpuri waterfall. This is a great spot to take a break, relax and admire the beauty of the waterfall.

After some time at the waterfall, the trek continues through the dense forest, and the trail becomes tricky. The path gets narrow, and the terrain becomes rocky. But the views are 
breathtaking, and one can see the beautiful Tamhini Ghat valley from the top. Finally, the trail leads to the end point of the trek, called Konkan Kada, which is a stunning viewpoint. The vast Konkan region, the Tamhini Ghat valley, and the breathtaking Sahyadri Mountains can be seen.

Best Time to visit Andharban Jungle Trek

The best season to visit for the Andharban Jungle Trek is during monsoon rain when the trail is covered in lush greenery and waterfalls. During this time, the trail becomes slippery, so good trekking shoes are highly recommended. You can also carry snacks and light food such as sandwiches or boiled eggs.

The descending path will take you through deep valleys, streams, and waterfalls, while the ascending path will give you stunning views of the surrounding mountains and lush green forests. There is also an option to camp overnight at Bhira dam, where you can witness the starry skies above you.

Best Season to Visit

The Andharban Jungle Trek is best done during the monsoon season, from June to September. The forest is lush green during this time, and the waterfalls fully flow. The weather is also quite pleasant, with temperatures ranging from 20 to 25 degrees Celsius.

Tips Worth Mentioning

Carrying enough water, food, and snacks are recommended, as no proper shops or restaurants are on the trek except at Mulshi and local dhabas. Wearing comfortable trekking shoes, a raincoat, and a first aid kit is also important. It is also advised to hire a guide as the trail is quite challenging at times. 

Overall, the Andharban Jungle Trek is an unforgettable experience, and it’s a 
must-do trek for all adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers.

Best Places to Stay

There are various options for accommodation near Andharban Jungle Trek, including homestays, guesthouses, and campsites. Some of the best places to stay are:

  • Tamhini Ghat: Tamhini Ghat is a beautiful hill station near the Andharban Jungle Trek. It has a variety of options for accommodation, including resorts, homestays, and guesthouses.
  • Mulshi: Mulshi is another popular destination near Andharban Jungle Trek. It is known for its beautiful lakes and scenic views. There are various resorts and guesthouses in Mulshi that provide a comfortable stay.
  • Pimpri: Pimpri is the starting point of the Andharban Jungle Trek, and there are a few guesthouses and homestays here that provide a basic stay.

Safety Tips

While trekking in Andharban Jungle, it is important to follow some safety tips to ensure a safe and enjoyable trekking experience. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Hire a Guide: It is recommended to hire a local guide who knows the trail well. The guide can provide important information about the trail, ensure you do not get lost, and assist you in any emergency.
  • Carry Enough Water and Food: It is important to carry enough water and food to keep yourself hydrated and energized during the trek.
  • Wear Appropriate Clothing and Footwear: Wear comfortable and light clothing that will allow you to move freely. Wearing sturdy and comfortable trekking shoes with good grip is also important.
  • Carry a First Aid Kit: Carry a first aid kit that includes basic medications, bandages, and antiseptics in case of any injuries.
  • Be Prepared for Weather Changes: The weather in the Andharban Jungle can be unpredictable, so it is important to carry a raincoat and warm clothes in case of weather changes.
  • Do Not Litter: Keeping the trail clean and not littering is important. Carry a small bag to collect your trash, and dispose of it in a proper bin.


In conclusion, the Andharban Trek is a trekking destination that should not be missed by anyone looking to explore nature’s beauty. The trek is a treat for the senses, from the dense forest cover to the gushing waterfalls and picturesque valleys. The journey is challenging, but the stunning views and the feeling of being in nature’s paradise make it all worth it. The Andharban Trek is an experience that will leave you with memories you will cherish forever. So, pack your bags, prepare to embark on this adventure, and explore the beauty of the Andharban Trek.

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