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White Musk Resort Hampta Manali

Finding Paradise at White Musk Resort: A Complete Review

Resorts are like special havens where you can relax and have fun. And when it comes to resorts, few places can rival the natural beauty and charm. Hidden in the beautiful hills of Himachal PradeshManali is a paradise for people who love nature, adventure, and finding peace in the great outdoors.


Do you dream of escaping to a serene paradise amidst majestic mountains? If yes, look no further than White Musk Resort, where tranquility meets luxury in the heart of Hamta, Manali. But what sets White Musk Resort apart from the rest? White Musk Resort is on a hill, high up in the mountains. From here, you can see the whole town of Manali below you. They have fancy rooms and many nice things to make you feel good. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Come and see for yourself! 

Let's Expore the luxury White Musk Resort

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White Musk Resort Hamta Manali
Image Credit: White Musk Resort Hamta Manali

Vicky Thakur

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Luxe Living: Inside White Musk Retreat

  • White Musk Resort in Hamta, Manali, is the fruit of our love for the Himalayas, with a passion for building an abode for all humans looking for a break from nature.
  • It is perched atop a hill near Manali at 2600+ meters, offering luxurious rooms with stunning views of the valley below.
  • Accommodations include rooms with ceiling-to-floor glass windows and a dome for a unique glamping experience.

Room with a View: Unveiling the Accommodations

  • Infinity Room: Offers floor-to-ceiling glass for an unobstructed view, perfect for admiring snow-clad mountains in winter and lush green landscapes in summer.
  • Infinity Rooms with Jacuzzi: Features a peaceful room with a jacuzzi, allowing guests to relax while enjoying the scenic views.
  • Dome with Hot Tub: Provides a unique glamping experience with a hot tub and a private bonfire area in the woods.

White Musk Resort Manali: Room Prices

Infinity Room - With Bed and Breakfast

  • Room Capacity: 2 Adults, 0 Child
  • Price for 1 Night: ₹18,000.00
  • Room Rates Inclusive of Tax

Infinity Room with Jacuzzi - Bed and Breakfast

  • Room Capacity: 2 Adults, 0 Child
  • Price for 1 Night: ₹24,000.00
  • Room Rates Inclusive of Tax

Dome Room - With Bed and Breakfast

  • Room Capacity: 2 Adults, 0 Child
  • Price for 1 Night: ₹30,000.00
  • Room Rates Inclusive of Tax

Please note that the price mentioned above for White Musk Resort is for a one-night stay and includes breakfast. Taxes are also included in the room rates. Please get in touch with their reservations team if you have any further inquiries or want to make a reservation.

Service Spotlight: Pampering Guests at Every Turn

  • Infinity Panoramic Views: Enjoy unobstructed mountain views from your bed.
  • Bonfire: Experience nature with the perfect bonfire space.
  • Private Hot Tub: Relax in a cozy seating area with a private hot tub.
  • Free Wifi: Stay connected while enjoying the serene surroundings.
  • Loft Net: Unwind on the loft net and feel you float above Manali.
  • Natural Plastered Bathrooms: Featuring bathrooms plastered in lime for a natural finish.

Adventure Awaits: Activities to do

  • Waterfall: Take a 15-minute walk through pine trees to reach a nearby waterfall.
  • Hike to Jobri: Explore a bit of the Hamta Pass trek by hiking to Jobri.
  • Explore Sethan: Enjoy the flora and fauna while visiting Sethan and Panduropa temples.
  • Don’t Get Out of Bed!: Relax and enjoy the landscape from your bed.
  • Bonfire: Witness the surreal sunset with a cup of chai at the bonfire place.
  • Enjoy Night Sky: Marvel at the glimmering lights of Manali and the sparkling stars in the sky.

Navigating the Journey: Getting to White Musk

  • White Musk Resort is located in Hamta, approximately 12 kilometres from the Manali Mall road.
  • It takes around 40 minutes to reach the resort via local taxi.
  • Contact management authorities for trusted taxi operators if needed.

Explore Nearby: Discovering Hidden Gems

  • Sethan: A tourist attraction with activities like skiing and ziplining.
  • Jobri: The beginning of the Hamta Pass trek offers picturesque views of the valley.
  • Waterfall: A short walk away through pine trees leads to a scenic waterfall.

Relaxation Station: Unwinding at White Musk

  • Relax in the garden area with a loft net and enjoy group nights with board games.
  • Experience the beauty of nature while sitting by the bonfire in the evenings.

When to Visit White Musk

Open throughout the year, offering different experiences based on the season.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

At White Musk Resort, they understand that plans can change unexpectedly. To provide clarity and transparency, they have outlined their cancellation and refund policy below:

Non-Refundable Amount:

A 10% non-refundable amount of your total tariff is applicable in all cases. This amount will be deducted from the refund, regardless of the cancellation date.


Cancellation 7 to 14 Days Before Check-In:

For cancellation requests made between 7 to 14 days before your check-in date, they will deduct 35% of your tariff amount for a refund.


Cancellation 0 to 7 Days Before Check-In:

If you cancel your reservation 0 to 7 days before your check-in date, they will deduct 50% of your tariff amount for a refund.


Policy Changes:

Please note that their cancellation and refund policy is subject to change. The policy prevailing on your reservation date will apply to your cancellation requests.


Cancellation Procedure:

To request a cancellation, they will ask you to email them as a reply to their confirmation email. Additionally, please ensure you communicate with them via phone (98828-98893) for any changes to your plans.

FAQs about White Musk resort

Q1: Is White Musk Resort pet-friendly?

Unfortunately, we do not allow pets at our resort.

Q2: Do you provide transportation services from Manali?

Currently, they don’t offer pickup or drop-off services, but they can assist in arranging transportation with local taxi operators.

Q3: Do you offer any special packages or deals for guests?

Yes, they periodically offer special packages and deals for their guests, including honeymoon packages, adventure packages, and seasonal discounts. Check their website ( or contact them directly (98828-98893) for the latest offers.



Now that you’ve discovered the unparalleled beauty and luxury offered by White Musk Resort, why wait? Plan your escape to this serene paradise amidst the Himalayas and experience a vacation. Whether you’re seeking adventure or relaxation, White Musk Resort promises an unforgettable stay amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Manali.


Vicky Thakur

Travel Blogger

White Musk Resort Hamta Manali
Finding Paradise at White Musk Resort: A Complete Review
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