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Hampta Pass Trek

Hampta Pass Trek Guide: The Best Approach to Heaven

Trekking isn’t only an adventure movement, it is a perspective. It is yielding to the call of the mountains with each dauntless stair taken in unknown, unpredictable terrains. Also, for each such individual who loves to hold returning to the lap of nature, noting the call consistently, the state of Himachal Pradesh is quite a dreamland. 

Hampta pass trek is a little glimpse of heaven for trekking enthusiasts  who are continually watching out for an extraordinary experience with the scenic valleys of Manali region and ends at Chatru near Chandratal.

Hampta Pass height is 4270m (14040 ft) lies on the Pir Panjal range in the Himalayas consequently especially manageable even by novice trekkers. The contrast of Lahaul and Spiti scene which smacks you all of a sudden and the stunning Chandratal lake which is icing on the cake, Every turn of Hampta pass trekking is a tremendously rewarding experience as it uncovers nature’s shrouded treasures. The uncommon sights of high backwoods, treasures. The rare sights of alpine forests, glaciers and Himalayan greenery make this undertaking genuinely hypnotizing. 

Find out about the striking and diverse highlights with fascinating views on hampta pas trek beneath.

Hampta Pass Trek: An Overview

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Hampta Pass Trek

Over a term of 4-5 days, hampta pass trek distance is 35 km long and takes you to the excellent segments of the Dhauladhar range of the Himalayas. The trekking rout of Hampta Pass wanders over the mountains passes in the Manali region and closures at Chatru close to Chandratal. 

Manali is open by rail, road and air and very much associated with cities like New Delhi and Chandigarh. 

The closest air terminal is Bhuntar Airport, which is found 52 km from Manali.
Joginder Nagar Railway Station is arranged at a distance of 166 km from Manali. Volvos and taxicabs are viewed as more helpful to arrive at the beautiful location.


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DAY-1 (Manali, Jobra And Chika)

Day 1 Hampta Pass Trek > Manali, Jobra And Chika

Every step of the way and bend of the Hampta Pas Trek, there are superb astonishments of the nature anticipating for you to investigate. The trip begins from Manali, which in itself is an excellent slope station to get the excursion started.The journey begins from a spot called Jobra (9800 Feet), which is the base camp for the Hampta Pass Trek . 

It is a two-hour drive from Manali in the wake of moving more than 40 fastener twists. The campground at Jobra is a 30 minutes’ climb from where you get down from your vehicle. In any case, many like to feel free to camp at Chika (10,000 Feet) which is to some degree more secluded than Jobra campground.

The journey is to Chika is generally simple and takes around 45 minutes to 60 minutes. The all out distance to be covered on day 1 would associate with 2 kilometers.After all the hiking, healthy and sustaining supper is served.

DAY-2 (Chika And Balu-ka-Gera)

DAY-2 (Chika And Balu-ka-Gera)​
DAY-2 Hampta Pass Trek>(Chika And Balu-ka-Gera)​

On the second day, you need to travel for a distance of around 8 and a half kilometers.  By 7 o’clock the camp comes alive. After breakfast, you move from Chikha to Balu-ka-Gera.This period of the trek would include stream crossing just as stretch with stones along these lines the view differs. The landscape changes rapidly. 

On the way, a moving stream invites You. It’s imperative to keep yourself hydrated so make sure to rest now and again, and drink enough water. When you arrive at the campground which is Balu ka Ghera you can simply unwind for the night. You can visit around the campground and appreciate the  magnificence beauty at its best. The spot is a firm bed of sand from where you can see some snowclad pinnacles. Make sure to have a decent night’s rest and this will assist you with recapturing strength for the following day’s adventure.

Day-3 (Balu-ka-Ghera and Shea Goru)

Day-3 (Balu-ka-Ghera and Shea Goru)​
Day-3 Hampta Pass Trek > (Balu-ka-Ghera and Shea Goru)​

This is the day when you really cross Hampta Pass, the trek turns out to be challenging. since the climb is very steep tough. It requires around 4 hours to arrive at Hampta Pass from Balu-ka-Ghera. This trek stage will take you from Balu ka Ghera to Hampta Pass lastly to Shea Goru. On a reasonable climate, the travelers are remunerated with a Majestic perspective on Indrasan Peak and Deo Tibba Peak.

These are the two most elevated pinnacle of Pir Panjal range.The campground on day 3 will be the most beautiful camping area of the whole Hampta Pas trek schedule.

When you venture Shea Goru get into your tent and take rest this would be unquestionably a difficult day and you need to revive back for the journey ahead.

Day-4 (Chatru and Chandratal lake)

Day-4 (Chatru and Chandratal lake)​
Day-4 Hampa Pass Trek> (Chatru and Chandratal lake)​

This day cover both a trek just as a drive in a vehicle for a would travel for around 5 hours to finish a 7 Kilometer journey and arrive at Chatru.The challenging Hampta Pass Trek reaches a conclusion with the splendidly blue Chandratal lake after taking such an adventurous trek. On this day you will go through the night at Chandratal Lake camp so after reaching stroll around the lake and appreciate the scene. Take a stab around evening time photography with the impression of the night sky on the lake.

Day-5 (Chandratal lake and Manali)

Day-5 (Chandratal lake and Manali)​
Day-5 Hampta Pass Trek >(Chandratal lake and Manali)​

There is no trek on this day and formally the trip finishes here and you would be driven back to Manali. Trekkers for the most part think that its difficult to goodbye to this pleasant campground and like to drench in Mother Nature’s excellence as far as might be feasible. 

That is the finish of the Hampta Pass trekking, and there are both private and saved vehicles to return you from Chandratal to the Manali base camp. The drive back to Manali will take you through Rohtang Pass which is notable for its excellence and famous vacationer location packed by travelers. When you arrive at Manali you can either remain back or appreciate the encompassing touring’s or head back to your home.

Ideal time to go for Hampta pass Trek

The best an ideal time to go for Hampta Pass Trek is from May to October. During the other portion of the year, the entire regions remain shrouded in day off experience freezing temperatures, and for evident reasons sustenance gets troublesome.

In the event that you go during May-June or September-October, you may see a little bit snow. August is the sunniest month in Spiti. May-October is the pinnacle season for Hampta Pass Trek and the temperature remains between 12°-20°C during the daytime and goes down to a couple of degrees above and beneath 0°C during the evening.


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