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Discover the Magic of India: It's Time to Travel

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What most people like in India

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Discover India’s captivating charm: a land of diverse landscapes, vibrant festivals, rich cuisine, and ancient traditions. Immerse yourself in its beauty!

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popular tourist destinations in South India (Mahabalipuram)
Shimla town, Himachal Pradesh, India

About India

Before Travel India You must know about india

Probably the most seasoned civilisation on the planet, India is a mosaic of multicultural encounters. With a rich legacy and heap attractions, the nation is among the most famous traveller objections on the planet. It covers an area of 32, 87,263 sq. km, stretching out from the snow-shrouded Himalayans to the tropical jungles of the south. As the seventh biggest country on the planet, India stands separated from the remainder of Asia, separated by mountains and the ocean, which give the country an unmistakable topographical substance.

Bordered by the Great Himalayas in the north, it extends southwards and at the Tropic of Cancer, tightens into the Indian Ocean between the Bay of Bengal on the east and the Arabian Sea on the west. 

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Hampta Pass Trek
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Must Explore These Places

The Best of India


Discover the enchanting beauty of Kasol, a serene haven nestled in the breathtaking landscapes of the Indian Himalayas


Experience the perfect blend of sun, sand, and vibrant culture in Goa, a coastal paradise known for its pristine beaches and lively atmosphere


Unleash your creativity and delve into the captivating world of advertising as you explore the dynamic realm of Adman

What most people like in India

North India Travel Places

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What most people like in India

South India Travel Places

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What most people like in India

Northeast India Travel Places

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What most people like in India

Western India Travel Places

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Food Places to Visit in India

Embark on a tantalizing culinary journey through India's diverse flavors and spices by exploring the top Food Places to Visit in the country

Fasitval Destinations in India

Explore the vibrant tapestry of Indian culture at its finest with a visit to India's captivating Festival Destinations

Adventure Activites

Choose The Right Place

& Right Adventure

Churdhar Peak Trek Guide 2023

Join an expeditionary cruise, fly to the Antarctic Peninsula or join the few who've explored Antarctica's vast interior.

Hampta Pass Trek
Adventure Destinations in India

River Rafting

India is one of the world’s premier destinations for river rafting, with hundreds of rivers and tributaries to explore. 


Not only is India the best place to trek due to its immense diversity, but it also offers a wide range of trekking locations.


Paragliding in India is available in many places such as Manali, Lansdowne, Aravalli hills, Nandi Hills and Kamshet.


India is a country that offers breathtakingly beautiful landscapes and is full of diverse hiking spots.

Bungee Jump

Bunjee Jump is held in India at various locations, including Rishikesh, Goa, and the Himalayas.

Zip Lines

Zip Lines activities are held across India at various thrilling locations – from the Himalayas in Uttarakhand to the beaches of Goa.

frequently asked questions

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section, where we address common queries and provide clear answers to ensure you have all the information you need.

General Inquiries

India offers a unique blend of cultural heritage, diverse landscapes, historical sites, vibrant festivals, and delectable cuisine. It is a country that caters to the interests of every traveler, showcasing bustling cities, serene beaches, majestic mountains, and ancient temples.

India boasts a plethora of iconic attractions that are worth exploring. From the magnificent Taj Mahal and the ornate Hawa Mahal in Jaipur to the serene backwaters of Kerala, the sacred ghats of Varanasi, the Golden Temple in Amritsar, and the enchanting beaches of Goa, the list is endless. These are just a few examples, as India has countless breathtaking places to discover.

Generally, India is a safe country to visit; however, as with any destination, it is important to exercise caution and take necessary precautions. It is advisable to remain aware of your surroundings, avoid isolated areas at night, and secure your belongings to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip.

The ideal time to visit India depends on the specific region you plan to explore. In general, the winter months (October to March) offer pleasant weather across the country. However, the summer months (April to June) can be hot in certain regions. It is recommended to research the weather conditions of your intended destination for accurate information

The currency used in India is the Indian Rupee (INR). Credit cards are widely accepted in hotels, restaurants, and major establishments in cities and tourist areas. However, it is advisable to carry some cash, especially when visiting rural areas or smaller establishments that may not accept cards.

Yes, most travelers require a visa to enter India. It is necessary to obtain a valid visa before your trip. The visa process and requirements may vary based on your nationality, so it is important to check with the Indian embassy or consulate in your country for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

India has a well-developed transportation network. Within cities, you can avail yourself of taxis, auto-rickshaws, and local buses for convenient travel. Trains are a popular mode of long-distance transportation, with an extensive rail network connecting major cities. Domestic flights are also available for covering larger distances quickly.

While travel insurance is not mandatory, it is highly recommended to ensure your peace of mind and protection against unforeseen circumstances. Travel insurance can cover medical emergencies, trip cancellations, and lost luggage, providing you with adequate coverage throughout your journey.

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