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Know About Requirements of Dubai Tourist Visas for Indians

People have resumed travelling and wishing to take vacations now that the COVID has subsided and life has started to return to normal. A popular tourist destination on everyone’s wish list is Dubai. For those considering visiting Dubai and wondering about the visa, read on. The process of obtaining a Dubai tourist visa is rather simple if we apply Dubai visa from India Dubai has everything one could ask for, whether it be a fun family day out or an action-packed thrilling day. Dubai is well known for its theme parks, which have themes from all over the world, attractions for individuals of all ages, and sunshine all year round. Travellers find information that will enable them to take advantage of the best that Dubai has to offer, from specifics for all of its theme parks to some aquarium facts at the Dubai Mall!

Dubai Visa Requirements for Indian citizens:

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  • The most important requirement is, with a minimum remaining validity of six months or more, a passport. This is a crucial point to remember because the visa will not be given if the minimum validity requirements are not met.
  • Additionally required are recent passport images, taken within the last three months. A white background must be used for these photos.
  • The next step is to purchase a return ticket. Even though no one really asks for one, bring your proof of lodging and itinerary with you anyhow.


Attach all of these documents to the visa application form once the procedure for the Dubai visa completes, and then pay the visa fees. It normally takes a week for the Dubai visa for Indian passports to arrive. Generally speaking, it has a 90 days validity depending on the type of visa that was requested. This means that after the traveller’s visa expires, they have 60 days to enter Dubai. A person may stay in Dubai for several days on their visa permits. Dubai visa on arrival for Indians can also be opted for by travellers for which the process is a little different but easy nonetheless. 

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COVID Records ​

Travellers might also request COVID-related documentation following the updated policies and regulations for travelling in these post-pandemic periods. There are four crucial documents you should bring with you:

  • A form for undertaking quarantine
  • Worldwide health insurance
  • RT PCR test findings that are negative within 48 hours of travel
  • Formal health statement

A travel agency or even a few travel websites might be used to apply for a Dubai visa for Indians. These reputable visa service providers are excellent at obtaining visas. This is especially beneficial for travelers who have previously had problems securing a visa. 

UK or US Residents Who are Indian

For a select group of people, it may be yet another important nugget of knowledge. Indian nationals who possess a passport and a Green card granted by the United Kingdom or even the United States of America do not need a visa to visit Dubai; instead, they can obtain one upon arrival. Those who possess a valid passport and a visa from the US, the UK, or Schengen are also eligible for a visa on arrival. However, the maximum period of validity for this visa is fourteen days.

Okay to Board

Before boarding the airline, Indian travellers to the UAE must have the authorization labelled “Okay to Board” on their plane tickets. All South Asians travelling to the UAE must do this. When your visa is approved, the airline verifies it on the day of the traveller’s flight and updates the PNR for their respective flight with the status “Okay to Board.” You won’t be able to go to Dubai without the Okay to Board.


Many Indians have been waiting in line for a Dubai visa ever since international travel resumed, after all, Dubai is one of the most popular international tourist destinations. However, the guidelines have slightly changed as a result of COVID and lockdown. As a result, you must make sure that all of your paperwork and vaccination records are in order. You can also use the assistance of expert visa firms that excel at obtaining visas. With them, you can expect a hassle-free experience.

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