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Murari Devi Temple

Murari Devi Temple: New Tourist Destination to Please Your Eyes

Himachal Pradesh is known for its God culture. Due to the abode of gods and goddesses in every particle of the state, it is called Devbhoomi. Murari Devi Temple situated in the Balh valley of district Mandi (Chhoti Kashi Mandi), is associated with the exile of the Pandavas.

The Pandavas built this temple during their exile. Also, the idols of Mata present in the temple have been installed by the Pandavas at the same time. 

Murari Devi Temple History

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The history of the Murari Devi is associated with the killing of the demon Moor. The demon Moor had obtained a boon from Brahma by doing penance. 

According to beliefs, in ancient times, after doing a severe penance to the demon Moor on earth, God Brahma granted him a boon that no god, human, or animal will kill you, but will be Kill by the hands of a girl.

The arrogant Moor, thinking himself to be immortal, started torturing the universe. Plagued by the atrocities of the demon Moor, all the creatures came to Lord Vishnu to seek help, on which a war between the Moor and Lord Vishnu continued which lasted for a long time. Lord Vishnu went to lie down in a cave on the Sikandra Dhar hill in the Himalayas after remembering the boon given to the Moor monster. Moore reached there looking for them and thought of striking him with a weapon while God was in his sleep.


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The girl was born from the senses of Lord Vishnu​

A girl was born from the senses of the body of the Lord Vishnu, who killed the demon Mura. Because of killing the Moor, Lord Vishnu addressed that Divya girl as Murari Devi for killing the demon Moor. 

According to another belief, Lord Vishnu is also called Murari

Due to being born from them, these goddesses became famous as Mata Murari and were established in the form of two Pindis on the same hill. Out of these, one Pindi is considered as Shantakanya and the other is considered as the form of Kalratri.

How to Reach Murari Devi

Murari Devi connects Sunder Nagar town with a single road. The road condition is not so good especially for the last few kilometers, it offers stunning views of the Balh valley . 

  • Sunder Nagar to Murari Devi Temple Distance is around 30 Km 
  • By Bus to Murari Devi:  There are several Buses routes for Sunder Nagar to Murari Devi by HRTC
  • Taxi: Hire a taxi from Rewalsar or Sunder Nagar (Price starts from Rs. 1000 to Rs. 1500). You can save money while using a shared taxi.
  • Train:  No route for Trains

Best Time to Visit

August to December is the best time to visit Murari Devi Temple. For snow lovers January and February is the best time to visit Murari Devi Temple.


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