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Paragliding Sights in Himachal Pradesh

Top Paragliding Sights in Himachal Pradesh

Are you craving for an active holiday that includes height, flight, and a surplus adrenaline rush? Then paragliding is your sport and Himachal is the destination you are looking for. Even though the concept of Paragliding is quite new in India but after the current prolonged lockdown, this sport has gained significant popularity. 

Here are Top Paragliding Sights in Himachal Pradesh

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Paragliding in Himachal Pradesh

Paragliding gives you the wings to fly in the sky at a minimal cost and safely too. Paragliding in Himachal is becoming famous among tourists these days with its favorable climate and wonder lusting panoramic views of snow-capped mountains offering an amazing flying experience. Thus, Himachal Pradesh is also called The Paragliding Capital of India. Adventurous youths and Para-gliders ( both at beginner and expert levels) are attracted towards paragliding in Himachal Pradesh with an aim to achieve a prototypical experience.

Solang Valley, Kullu Valley, and Bir Billing are some of the most notable paragliding sites in Himachal Pradesh.

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Bir Billing Paragliding

Bir Billing located 30km from Palampur and 70 km from Dharamshala is one of the famous paragliding sites in Himachal. Bir is the 2 highest paragliding site in the world and has also hosted the very first Paragliding cup in the world in 2015. Its take-off-site is located at an elevation of 8200 ft from sea level, a great height perfect for gliding that is one of the reasons why Bir Billing is the heaven for Paragliders. The best season for paragliding in Bir Billing with the right amount of thermals, wind speed and a beautiful landscape start from September mid till the 1st week of December. To give you a hassle-free and safe flying experience, a trained instructor will be assigned to you. The average price for one person won’t exceed INR 2500 for a flying duration of 20-30 min however you might be charged differently depending upon your paragliding package and flying time as well as the service provider.

  • When to Go to Bir billing for Paragliding? March-June & September-November
  • Why Go Bir Billing for Paragliding? Experienced pilots, Full service, Amazing climate, and wonderful site.
  • Estimated Gliding Time: 20-60 mins.

Solang Valley Paragliding

Solang Valley is yet another well-known paragliding destination of India located 15 km from Manali, Himachal Pradesh. The gliding experience in Solang will be one of its kind that will enchant you with its mystical valley below and blue sky above. Located at a height of 8000 ft, the wind speed and wind waves of Solang Valley are perfect for nerve-racking paragliding flights. And trust me this Paragliding trip will be one of the most thrilling yet beautiful 15 mins. of your life close to nature. Certified and experienced paragliding pilots are the cherry on the top, assisting every enthusiastic tourist to enjoy their ride without worrying about the glider or safety. Maximum flight elevation is not more than 2000ft covering approximately 10 km at a cost ranging from INR1300-1500 per person

  • When to go Solang Valley for Paragliding?March-July & Oct-November
  • Why Go to Solang Valley for Paragliding? Affordable Prices, Experienced Pilots, Amazing Views, Full service, Amazing climate, and a wonderful site.
  • Estimated Gliding Time: 20-60 mins.

Himachal Pradesh is designed perfectly for paragliding. Snow-laden mountains, lush green and flowing rivers offer an audacious and amusing paragliding experience that makes the risk worth taking. So next time you are planning a trip to Himachal Pradesh, do add some adventurous activities to your to-do list, keeping paragliding at the top if you have no fear of height. And, one more thing to remember while performing this air stunt is to strictly follow your instructor’s guidelines unless you want to become a meme or a graveyard stone. We hope this article guides you in planning your next adventure.

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