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Lahaul Spiti

A Travel Guide to the Best Scenic Spots and Cultural Attractions in Lahaul Spiti"

Lahaul Spiti…?? No, this is not a typing error. Lahaul and spiti – A spot is immaculate by the surges of time. It is limited by Ladakh toward the north, Tibet toward the east, and the Kullu valley toward the south. It is a bunch of beautiful mountain towns, pleasant villas, snow-loaded mountains, lavish woodlands, and streams murmuring quickly at the base of mountains to snow-secured ice sheet passes. Lahaul Spiti celebrates and follows Buddhism and Hinduism similarly. Vivid Buddhist petition banners moving to the tunes of the breeze show the way of life of this land. From bright Buddhist religious communities to tiny hamlets – the landscape of lahaul and Spiti is one of a kind and enhanced. Get your camera and get lost clicking ceaselessly from the beautiful gorges and emerald cascades, the sky is clear blue – to such an extent that you can observer the unmatched magnificence of the Milky Way around evening time! 

Get a true substance of the Tibetan culture and feel your faculties come invigorated as you witness the remarkable trans-Himalayan range.

Here is Our Curated Rundown of Visitor Spots to Visit in Lahaul and Spiti.

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Lahul Spiti

Vicky Thakur

Hey, I’m Vicky, welcome to my little corner of and I guess this is the place where I tell you about how I’m fixated on investigating the world, meeting astonishing individuals, and getting as lost as conceivable with my camera.

Key Monastery

Situated at a height of 4,166 meters over the ocean level, the cloister is extremely near the Spiti River in the Spiti Valley of Himachal Pradesh. The 1000-year-old cloister which goes back to 1100 CE is additionally the biggest in Lahaul and Spiti, Also known as the Kye Gompa or Ki and Kee Monastery.
The noteworthy religious community with an amazing design will leave you entranced with a likeness to dream fiction, visitors from all pieces of the nation who come searching for it so as to look for quietude, quietness, and inward serenity. The immaculate area of the cloister with lovely towns canvassed in the day off long winding streets will give you an exceptional encounter.’

Baralacha La

Arranged at a height of 4833 m, the Baralacha La is mountains go in the Zanskar Range interfacing Lahaul to Ladakh. The pass fills in as a characteristic divider between the Bhaga and Yunam streams and is close to the start purposes of the Bhaga River and the Chandra River.  Toward the west lies suraj tal, a turquoise lake that is in sharp difference to the infertile earthy colored mountains around it.  

A visit to Baralacha La will transport you to an alternate world by and large. The landscape and perspectives here are amazing; People who visit this pass likewise love to appreciate the trek from the Baralacha up to the Chandratal, which is arranged on the banks of the Chandra River in the Spiti Valley. One of the exciting vacationer spots to visit in Lahaul Spiti

Chandra Tal Lake

In the event that you endeavor to cross the relentless Kunzum Pass, you are compensated by the perspective on Chandratal—a moon-formed lake arranged in the laps of Himalayas., The shade of water of this heavenly lake continues changing shading as the mists move over it from rosy to orange to blue to emerald green as the day closes.
At a gigantic elevation of 4300 meters over the ocean level, Chandra Tal is situated on Samudra tapu level, disregarding waterway Chandra Tal. Immense stretches of green knolls house the best campgrounds and a variety of various wildflowers during springtime. The trek from Batal to Chandratal can be a significant repetitive path, yet the spellbinding perspectives and appeal of the spot will be justified, despite all the trouble. The daylight considering the outside of the astonishing Chandratal Lake causes it to appear perfectly clear.

Pin Valley National Park

It is found 10 km west of Palampur, on the Baner River. The sacrosanct site is called Chamunda Nandik-eshwar. It is one of the most revered religious sites in places to visit near kangra. Chamundeshwari Devi is supposed to be one of the most remarkable symbols of Goddess Durga. Navratri is a noticeable party of the Chamunda Devi Temple.
It draws in a few aficionados. The sanctuary has inscriptions from the locations of Mahabharat and Ramayana. The sanctuary is structured in conventional Himachali engineering and is organized inside the tranquility of nature. It is accepted that the Chamunda Devi Temple appeared during the 1500s when goddess Chamunda showed up in the nearby minister’s fantasy and asked the icon to be moved to a particular detect that has the present-day sanctuary.

Kunzum Pass

Kunzum La is lovely mountains go in the Kunzum Range of Himalayas. The Kunzum Pass is one of the most elevated motorable goes of India and goes about as an associating join between the Lahaul Valley and the Spiti valley. The perspective on the of kunzum la all-encompassing bara shigri ice sheet is the feature, offers an unbelievable 360-degree perspective on the Bara-Shigri Glacier (which is the second-longest ice sheet on the planet.)
Excellent ice sheets, snow-clad pinnacles, and the valley past give flawless perspectives for photography. Furthermore, it is one of the most voyage mountains that goes as bikers and experience devotees go to encounter the excitement of the turns. It is accepted that the guests need to stop at the sanctuary of Goddess; Kunzum devi is viewed as the goddess ensuring individuals visiting the pass.

Tabo Monastery

On your visit to the wonderful Lahaul and Spiti valley, make a point to not pass up making a visit to Tabo Monastery. Additionally called ”Ajanta of The Himalayas”, this antiquated magnificence rests at 3050 meters above ocean level. Not at all like different religious communities which are based on slopes, Tabo cloister is sitting at the base of the valley, in the rough desert of Tabo Valley.
Stablished in 996 AD, tabo is one of the soonest running Buddhist cloisters in the nation. The dividers of the cloister are secured by extremely valuable compositions, sculptures, frescos, and wall paintings, which do add up to equity to the nom de plume name “Ajanta of Himalayas”.also is esteemed an UNESCO world legacy site. This rich history of the religious community makes it an “unquestionable requirement visit” place

Suraj Tal

Suraj Taal as the pool of the sun god is a wonderful normal amphitheater close baralacha la pass. Suraj Tal additionally is known as Surya Taal, is a perfect lake encompassed by stunning valleys and astonishing mountains. It is accepted that you can purge yourself from all the wrongdoings by taking a plunge in this hallowed lake. During winters the magnificence of this lake totally upgrades as the mountain encompassing it gets secured by layers of the day off, it appears at the very least a magnificent homestead.

It is additionally a hotspot for trekking and motorcycling lovers. The motorcyclists and experience sweethearts regularly stop at Suraj Tal to offer a reprieve to their excursion, and they set camps here for a charming remain. This hallowed and incredibly lovely lake is likewise a fantasy for each picture taker as the beautiful excellence beating here is by all accounts something straight out of a storybook.


The pleasant Lahaul and Spiti Valley grasp a few fortunes in its region and Komik is one such spot, which is set wonderfully in the midst of the shocking mountains in the himachal pradesh destinations. Komik Village is the most elevated town in Asia and is situated at a stature of 18,000 feet above the ocean level. The magnificence of this spot can’t be depicted in words; it must be felt and experienced with unaided eyes. Encircled by snowbound mountains and grand valleys, Komik Village draws in incalculable visitors who essentially need to get doused in its stunning excellence and beguiling celebration. You should simply come and investigate the awesome vistas of this grand valley.

All the valley merits viewing while your excursion you can’t close your eyes you can feel you are meandering in dreamland everything it is possible that you can discuss seen and situation custom food everything is amazing you cannot place in scarcely any words. Without resulting in these present circumstances place you can’t envision ‘Heaven is here’.


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