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The Ultimate Mandi Travel Guide: Best Places to Visit Mandi, Himachal Pradesh

Frequently called the ‘Varanasi of Hills’, Mandi is a beautiful slope retreat settled on the banks of River Beas in Himachal. It is a quite well-known spot because of it falling on the course towards Manali; other than that Mandi has an aplenty of spots to visit that draws out the quietness of the slope station.  From the shining pool of Rewalsar, tall pines, and the green deodars, Spellbinding view, spiritual vibes, and a new breath of air is the thing that makes this little town one of the most looked after goals for vacation couples and travelers. Enhanced with some rough territories that cover up in their store, astounding untamed life, and trails to investigate, the spot is without a doubt a natural life and experience sweetheart’s heaven. 

Here you would locate the best attractions and destinations of vacationer enthusiasm as we bring to you a varying rundown of select traveler locales inside Mandi-

Let's Go through the Best Places to visit in mandi

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Best Places to Visit in Mandi

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Rewalsar Lake- Lake with Reflection of Monastery

Huge, evidently ceaseless, and shining blue, the rewalsar lake on a bright day is an uncommon marvel. The lake resists the urge to panic lasting through the year and genuinely springs up when the mercury rises during the smothering summer.

Rewalsar Lake is otherwise called the Tso Pema Lotus Lake and is a mid-elevation lake situated on a mountain spike in Mandi region, around 23 kilometers toward the south of the town of Mandi. The hallowed water in it, the forests, and mountain tops around have ascribed more excellence to the spot. The ceaseless shimmering excellence of the Rewalsar Lake and its encompassing is stunning

Prashar Lake –Lake of Crystal​

In the lap of nature, that is wild and uncultured. Arranged among the Dhauladhar scopes of Kullu and a good ways off of 49 km from Mandi, is the wonderful Prashar Lake. This lake is set at an elevation of 2730 m above ocean level and is encircled by thick and lavish greenery. The spot is brimming with spiritualist appeal. It is encircled by snow-beat pinnacles and looks down on the quick streaming waterway Beas. The sanctuary was worked in the thirteenth century, and its development goes under the light of an obscure legend. The lake has a skimming island in it, and its genuine profundity is hazy.

In the event that you need to gain a few experiences which are to be carved everlasting then visiting Parashar Lake is an absolute necessity. The lake is solidified in winters yet stuns all through the rest of the year. Other than its charming excellence the lake is celebrated for its three-celebrated sanctuaries.

Pandoh Dam –Enjoy Exciting Water Sports​

Himachal Pradesh has been a well-known retreat for ages of British authorities, and later, scores of city-occupants. There are unlimited goals in this vivacious land which visitor can’t bear to miss; one such spot is Pandoh Lake. The dark blue lake is a joy for all the picture takers. The Pandon Dam is an acclaimed fascination for experience enthusiasts and nature darlings in Mandi, seeing water being discharged is incredible and is a reward for your eyes.

In the event, that sightseer is searching for some captivating experience; at that point, they ought to go outdoors or wilderness boating at Pandoh Lake. The stunning perspective on the rising waves in the waterway Beas is consistently an astonishing incredible sight for experienced and unpracticed rafters. The bank of the lake is a perfect goal for outdoors too.

Sunder Nagar – Ideal for a Serene Escape​

Sunder Nagar Himachal Pradesh is a town situated in Mandi, and it is well known for its normal excellence and transcending woodland and trees. Situated at a height of 1,174 meters, the tourist destination is additionally home to numerous flawless sanctuaries and landmarks; this delightful town is situated at a short separation of 26 km from Mandi. Mahamaya Temple goes under one of the most famous Sunder Nagar Tourist Places and draws in a large number of guests every year.

Dehnasar Lake – Of Staggering Magnifice​

Dehnasar Lake Trek additionally called Denaser Lake or Diana Lake is perhaps the most elevated lake. It is situated at 14,040 ft. above ocean level. This lake like different pools of Outer Himalaya is held sacredly for the neighborhood individuals. Here trek is probably the best trek that goes through exceptionally beautiful spots and valleys of Chhotabhangal; the inborn area of Himalayas.
Dehnasar/Danesar Lake has a perimeter of around 800 meters. This lake is visited by lovers of Lord Shiva to take a blessed dunk in the sacred water for the satisfaction of their wants. Sari-Pass should be crossed from Barot to visit Danser Lake. Which hypnotizes you with sheer gloriousness, Sari Pass shows the immaculate magnificence of the Himachal Himalayas with rich green wildernesses and ice sheets.

Barot Dam – Fountaining of White Water​

Barot dam was built by British in early 19 th century on Ulh river. It is still existing and is a master piece of human engineering.Water from the Barot dam was taken through a under ground tunnel to Shanon Hydel power project to move the turbines to generate electricity.It is still functional after more than 100 years. A delightful little town called Barot, situated at around 67 km from Mandi, is the ideal spot to observe beautiful scenes and dazzling trekking trails.
This town, albeit little in size, has an abundance of magnificence put away. The backwoods around the town are for the most part Deodar and oak that develop in bounty in the locale and are home to an assortment of greenery.

Shikhari Devi Temple – in the Lap of Goddess

Peacefulness is the main thing that rings a bell with shikari devi temple otherwise called the Shikari Peak. Settled away from the fundamental town, at an elevation of 3332 m, one can appreciate sanctuary touring with some stunning perspectives.
This sanctuary is devoted to Sikhari Devi as a stone picture and has no rooftop. When you arrive at the top, ensure you witness either dawn or nightfall that makes certain to spellbind you and charmed.

Bhima Kali Temple – Panoramic View of Mandi in Evening​

Maa Bhima Kali Mandir is close to the primary Mandi town and is inside 1 km from the transport stand. The sanctuary engineering shows staggering wooden carvings. Situated by the banks of Beas, this sanctuary has an enormous historical center inside, exhibiting selective pictures of Hindu Gods and Goddesses.
Auto is effectively accessible from transport stand and from different pieces of town. The closest railroad stations for Mandi District are Joginder Nagar and Shimla. The spot is very much associated and once you arrive at the goal you can see numerous different places as well.


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