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Morni Hills Haryana

Morni Hills: The Best Weekend Getaway

Morni Hills is the ideal weekend getaway for the residents of Delhi, Haryana, and Chandigarh. Morni Hills got its name from the ruling queen of the area years ago. Shivalik Range of Himalayas is expanded all across the Morni., as soon as you enter this region, You’ll be welcomed by the serene beauty of Morni hills with fresh breezy air.

The best time to visit Morni Hills, is around October- November, though the temperature here is pleasing throughout the year. Being the only Hill Station in Haryana, individuals frequently neglect it and head towards more famous spots. In any case, if you like to investigate the neglected, you should visit Morni Hills. Places to visit in Morni hills that you ought to investigate when you are in this small slope station. Historians guarantee that Rajput-Thakurs used to live around Morni Hills in the fifteenth century.

After the Thakurs, Mughals additionally administered the spot yet not for long because the coming of the British prompted the decay of most local rulers. During the British Raj, the slopes were left dismissed and it wasn’t long after India’s autonomy that Morni Hills came to the spotlight and were created as a vacationer area of interest.

Though Morni Hills has numerous Tourist spots to visit one can never get tired of exploring the Morni hills tourist places But When it comes to the Best Places to visit in Morni Hills which you can never regret visiting are:

Here are Top 5 Places to Visit in Morni Hills​

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Morni Hills
Tikkar Taal Lake View ( Morni Hills )

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1. Tikkar Taal

Morni Hills
Tikkar Taal Lake View

Being one of the most visited spots around morni and arranged a good ways off of 7 km from the delightful Morni Hills, Tikkar Taal is a spot which gloats of its two artificial lakes.
Two interconnected artificial lakes, Chota Taal and Bara Taal are separated by a hillock. This hilltop offers a breathtaking view of the hills while lying amidst the hills. Since Tikkar Taal is very popular, there aren’t a huge number of options but you can find some super-affordable accommodations here though, that doesn’t deter nature lovers from going there. Budget travelers will find this place suitable. It is the ideal place to be since it is uncommercialized.

Recently Haryana Govt. Launched some adventure activities at Tikkar Taal, which include:

  • Some Aero-Adventure such as PARAGLIDING & PARASAILING (Starting at Rs.1000-2000:Per Person)
  • Some Water- Adventure such as River-Cruising, Scuba-diving, Roller-Zorbing & Jet-Scooters
  • Some Hill-Adventure such as Trekking, Camping( Starting from Rs500 to 1500 per tent)

2. Gurudwara Nada Sahib

A mere 17 km away from the Golden Temple, the Gurudwara Nada Sahib is very significant for Sikhs. It is said that Guru Gobind Singh rested here on the way to Anandpur Sahib. It is one of the most visited Gurudwaras in India because of its pious nature and sacred surroundings. A meditative retreat is offered by the Ghaggar-Hakra river that runs beside this Gurudwara. Gurdwara Nada Sahib, nestled in the Shivalik hills, will immerse you in a peaceful aura, and you will feel closer to the supreme being thanks to the ambiance of the hills.

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3. Adventure Park

Morni Hills has also been developed as an adventure park by the Government of Haryana to encourage tourism. There are numerous thrill-seeking options available to adrenaline junkies.
Here, you will find zigzags, Burma bridges, and climbing nets. Adventure park visitors who wish to remain in a safe area while experiencing adventure will find this place suitable. Moreover, the area is equipped with small swings and a cafeteria, in case you need to satisfy your hunger. Here you can have a good time at an affordable entry fee.

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4. Morni Fort

There is also something for history lovers at Morni Hills. Morni fort has been restored for tourists but has not lost its historic look. It is believed that the Morni fort was created in the 17th century. It offers a wide view of Morni town. The Morni fort is bountiful with greenery, and the faint scent of trees and flowers creates an incredibly peaceful atmosphere. Despite the fortress’ gloomy surroundings, a colorful Shiva temple is adjacent to it.

5. Thakurdwara Temple

As it’s an abode to a beautiful temple called Thakurdwara Temple, Morning Hills can be a perfect getaway for religious people. Temple sanctity encompasses the misty hill station, making it chaste. A large number of devotees visit the temple regularly. Stone sculptures date back to the time of the Pandavas, and the temple has ancient stone sculptures.

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Getting away from the hasty lifestyle of cities can enhance one’s sanity. However, if you keep visiting the same overcrowded hill stations all the time, the whole experience can become quite monotonous. Unlike other hill stations, Morni Hills offers something different. We’ve mentioned and described the 5 amazing places to visit in Morni Hills.
It calms the overactive mind by engaging your senses. You should check out this undiscovered hill station the next time you plan a vacation. I promise you will not be disappointed.


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