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Triund Trek

Triund Trek: A Complete Guide to Visiting Triund Top

When somebody says traveling in India, I am certain the beautiful Himachal Pradesh would have entered your thoughts, correct? The surprising Himachal Pradesh has a lot of trips for the journey darlings and experience freaks. One of those journeys which you shouldn’t miss is the Triund trek.

Triund Trek mcleodganj is a beguiling hiking destination that is settled in the Dhauladhar Range. Mcleodganj to Triund Trek distance is 9 km, its closeness to McLeodganj makes it significantly additionally tempting to the amateur experience and hiking enthusiast. The stunning perspectives will catch your heart and give you an exquisite inclination. Likewise, Triund Trek is among India’s most mainstream hiking destinations for the young and draws in lakhs of experience darlings from the whole way across the nation. The precarious territories and bends offer an ideal mother lode to its adventurers. 

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Much the same as you, we love traveling! What’s more, this is a journey we’ve recorded in detail to assist you with doing it all alone. Let’s virtually trek the adventurous Triund trek. 

Triund brags of the lively and particular Tibetan culture with stunning monasteries that are furnished with excellent orders, icons of Buddha, haggles flags.

While on your trip to Triund, you will observe probably the best perspectives, it takes you through a beautiful woods section that you will recollect the trek for and the fabulous opening of the edge toward the finish of the timberline is a sight to encounter. The nightfall is maybe the principal feature of the Triund Trek, which makes all adventurers remain for the time being and witness the horde brilliant groups of stars setting the night skies stunning.

  • Triund Trek Difficulty:- Easy
  • Highest Elevation of the Trek:- Triund is at an altitude of 2800 meters
  • Duration of Triund trek – 2 Days one Night enough with camping at the top but we can also be done in one day
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Best Time to Visit Triund Trek

Aside from the storm periods of July, August, and the pinnacle winters of January, February, the Triund trip should be possible around the year. The spring and late spring a very long time of March to June have the best climate conditions to travel in

With one extra warm layer of the dress, the journey is ideal for Triund trekking and to escape from the harsh climate states of April, May. The post-monsoon season is best for the clearest perspectives for the mountain tops from the journey. Triund trek in December, you can anticipate the principal spell of snowfall on the journey.


How to Reach Truind Trek

➤ Arriving at Triund by Public Transport System from Delhi

The most ideal approach to reach Delhi is to take overnight transport to McLeodganj. Transports going to Dharmashala will drop you at the primary square of McLeodganj.

There are two choices for transport from Delhi. There are transports from either Majnu ka Tila in the North District of Delhi or from ISBT Kashmiri Gate to Dharamshala.

There are private transports legitimately to Dharamshala leaving during the late-night, beginning from 6 pm. It takes around 10 to 11 hours to arrive at McLeodganj.

➤ The second choice is to take the transport from ISBT Kashmere Gate.

Transports typically cost about Rs 600 to Rs 800 for a non-AC one and about Rs 1200 to 1500 for an AC transport.

➤ Arriving at Triund by Public Transport System from Chandigarh

In the event that you are going from Chandigarh, you get immediate transport from Chandigarh ISBT to McLeodganj. You get for the time being transports from Chandigarh ISBT (Sector 43). The cost will be Rs 600 to 800 for Volvo transport. It takes around 6 hours to arrive at McLeodganj from Chandigarh.

➤ Closest International and Domestic Airport

New Delhi International Airport – 175 km

Kangra/Gaggal, Domestic Airport – 21 km

Pathankot, Domestic Airport – 96 km

The climate on Triund Trek

Depending upon the season you will travel, the temperatures will fluctuate. In the event that you are traveling throughout the late spring season, you can anticipate that the day temperatures should associate with 16 to 25 degrees. 

During the night, it can drop to 7 to 10 degrees. Post-monsoon and the months moving toward winter (September to December), you can anticipate that the temperatures should begin dropping. The day temperatures will be genuinely lovely at around 14 to 18 degrees. In the evening time, it can drop to 1 to 5 degrees.

Things to Carry on Triund Trek

➤ Minimum essentials

1-Trekking shoes: The trip separation is long and you should stroll for significant distances which needs you to have happy with traveling shoes. Watch this video to figure out how to pick the privileged traveling shoes.

2. Backpack (40-60 liters): A knapsack with strong ties and a supporting casing. The downpour cover for the rucksack is basic.

➤ Clothes

1. Two hike pants: One set of jeans should do the trick for this trip. In any case, you can convey one extra pair on the off chance that the first gets wet. Wear one set and convey one set. Denim/pants and shorts are not reasonable for journeying.

2. Two collared shirts: Carry light, full-sleeved shirts that forestall burns from the sun on the neck and arms. A typical misstep that travelers make isn’t changing their shirts regularly enough. Despite how cool it is, the body will in general perspiration a great deal. Adventurers who don’t change to new garments subsequent to arriving at the campground become sick because of wet Clothes and are frequently incapable to finish their trip.

3. Thermals (Optional): Carry thermals to wear around evening time on the grounds that the temperature drops and can get nippy at the top.

➤ Accessories

1. Shades: Sunglasses are to forestall snow visual deficiency.

2. Suncap: The sun is crueler at high elevations so wear a cap to ensure your face and neck.

3. Hand gloves: One set of downy or woolen hand gloves. One set of water confirmation/safe, windproof gloves is additionally a decent decision to have.

4. Balaclava: You may utilize woolen scarves rather too.

5. Socks (1 set): Apart from one additional game of socks, take a couple of woolen socks for the evening. 6.Headlamp/LED light: It is Mandatory

➤ Others


1. Toiletries: Sunscreen, lotion, light towel, lip ointment, tissue, toothbrush, toothpaste, hand sanitizer. Try not to convey moist disposable clothes since these are not biodegradable. Use bathroom tissue all things being equal.

2. Sterile waste: Make sure you take your utilized clean napkins back to the city with you. Convey a zip lock pack to put utilized napkins. Carry this ziplock pack back with you to the city and don’t discard clean napkins in the mountains.

3. Cutlery: Carry a spoon, espresso cup, and a lunch box.

4. Two water bottles: 1 liter each

5. Plastic covers: While pressing, utilize plastic packs to compartmentalize things and convey a couple of additional plastic sacks for wet garments.

➤ Required Personal Medical Kit

1. Digene-Half Strip

2. Crocin-10 tablets

3. Avil-1 strip

4. Muscle relaxant – Half Strip

5. Digene-Half Strip 

6. Avomine (discretionary, in the event of movement ailment)- 1 Strip

7. ORS-6 packs

8. Knee Cap (If you are inclined to a knee injury)


Overall Trek is easy. It’s a famous and one of the most Visiting Trek So everyone can complete it within 2 days. 

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