Assam : Exploring the Top 7 Must-Visit Destinations

By Tour Travels Hunt

Here are the Top 7 Enchanting Places to Visit

1. Majestic Kaziranga: Home to the One-Horned Rhinos and Wildlife Galore

2. Enchanting Shillong Peak: Witnessing Breathtaking Views of Assam's Landscapes.

3. Serene Majuli Island: Immerse Yourself in the Cultural and Natural Marvels.

4. Captivating Kamakhya Temple: A Spiritual Journey in the Heart of Assam.

5.  Mesmerizing Tawang: Unveiling the Tranquil Beauty of the Eastern Himalayas

6. Scenic Haflong: The Hill Station Retreat with Picture-Perfect Landscapes.

7. Magical Manas National Park: Exploring the Pristine Wilderness and Wildlife Riches of Assam.

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