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Kasauli Calling: Fun Things to Do for a Memorable Weekend Escape

here are some fun things to do in Kasauli for a memorable weekend escape:

1. Take a nature walk: Kasauli is known for its beautiful nature trails.

2. Visit the Monkey Point: Monkey Point is the highest point in Kasauli and offers a panoramic view.

3. Explore the Kasauli Brewery: The Kasauli Brewery is one of the oldest distilleries in the world.

4.Manu Temple: The Manu Temple is located in Old Manali and is dedicated to the sage Manu. It is a popular spot for tourists and offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains.

4. Visit the Christ Church: The Christ Church in Kasauli is a beautiful colonial-era church with stunning stained glass windows.

5. Enjoy a picnic at Sunset Point: Sunset Point in Kasauli is a popular picnic spot with stunning views of the sunset.

6. Indulge in local cuisine: Sample the local dishes and enjoy the flavors of the region.

7. Visit Gilbert Trail: Gilbert Trail is a beautiful nature trail located in Kasauli.

8. Relax at a spa: Kasauli has some great spas where you can unwind and relax. Indulge in a massage, take a steam bath.

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