Monsoon Warning 2023: Avoid Traveling to Himachal Pradesh


Himachal Pradesh such a beautiful Destination for Traveler especlly in Mosoon Season

But Visting in Monsoon can be dangerous

Why You should Avoiding travel during this season?

1. Monsoon rains cause floods and waterlogging in Himachal Pradesh, affecting Mandi, Kullu Manali, and Kangra.

2. The hilly terrain is prone to landslides during monsoon, leading to road closures.

3. Heavy rain and storms can disrupt communication, making it hard for travelers to seek help or connect with loved ones.

4. Monsoon increases the risk of waterborne diseases, making travel unsafe.

5. Outdoor activities like trekking and sightseeing are restricted during monsoon.

6. Sudden flash floods and swollen rivers pose dangers near water bodies.

7. Monsoon strains local infrastructure, affecting transportation, accommodation, and services.

8. Remote areas may become inaccessible, leaving travelers stranded.

9. Monsoon disrupts locals' lives, who must cope with challenges brought by heavy rains.

Avoiding travel during this season.

Next steps

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