Savor the Flavors of Kinnaur's Local Cuisine: A Foodie's Guide

Here's a guide to some of the must-try dishes and flavors of Kinnaur:


These steamed bread buns stuffed with spinach, radish or potatoes are a staple breakfast item in Kinnaur.

2.Chha Gosht

This spicy mutton curry is a favorite among locals and is typically served with rice or roti.


These popular Tibetan dumplings are a common street food in Kinnaur and can be found in various shapes and fillings, from vegetable to meat.

4.Sepu Vadi

Made from lentils, spinach and various spices, these steamed dumplings are a healthy and tasty snack or side dish

5.Lingdi Aloo

Aloo is the Hindi word for potato, and this dish combines crispy fried potatoes with a tangy tomato-based sauce and a variety of spices.


A hearty soup made from goat or lamb tripe, chilta is a warming and nourishing dish commonly eaten in Kinnaur during the winter months.


This dish consists of lotus stems cooked with potatoes, tomatoes and various spices, creating a unique and flavorful vegetarian dish.


For dessert, try this sweet rice dish made with sugar, ghee and various spices like cardamom and cinnamon.

Make sure to try these dishes and flavors during your visit to Kinnaur for a truly authentic culinary experience!