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Shali Tibba: A Must-Visit Destination for Breathtaking Views

Shali Tibba is a tall mountain in Himachal Pradesh, near Shimla. Shali Tibba is one of the highest peaks in the area, standing tall at 9,423 feet above sea level.

The trek begins from the small village of Mashobra, located at a distance of 14 kilometers from Shimla.

The panoramic views of the surrounding peaks and valleys from the summit are simply awe-inspiring.

Shali Tibba also offers other activities like camping, bird watching, and nature walks.

The trek to Shali Tibba is a moderate one and takes about 4-5 hours to complete.

The distance from Shimla to Shali Tibba is around 24 kilometers

The best time to visit Shali Tibba is from March to June and from September to November.

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